Only $450.60 Eliquis Coupon – Update May 2020

Eliquis Coupon May 2020

Eliquis is an anti-clotting drug used to prevent and treat blood clots, which can form from an irregular heartbeat (also called atrial fibrillation) or surgery. Blood clots can travel to different parts of your body including the legs and lungs and increase your risk of stroke. As an anticoagulant, Eliquis blocks certain clotting proteins in your blood that turn the consistency of blood from liquid to gel. Eliquis is a brand name for apixaban—there is not a generic version available. The cost of Eliquis is $697.65 for 60, 5MG Tablet, but you can use an Eliquis coupon below to pay $450.60 on your prescription or refill.

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